As of this writing, Gateway Center’s buildings and garages are accessible BUT SUBJECT TO EVOLVING GOVERNMENTAL RESTRICTIONS AFFECTING THE WORKPLACE. 
During this PUBLIC HEALTH crisis, send all inquiries REGARDING BUILDING ACCESS AND PROCEDURES to  gccovid.19@gmail.com   and Gateway Center’s management team will respond.
IN LIGHT OF GOVERNMENTAL RESTRICTIONS AFFECTING THE WORKPLACE, please consider contacting the US Postal Service to see what your company’s options are for mail delivery/re-direction, as well as, UPS/FedEx’ customer service departments for their delivery options.  GATEWAY CENTER IS UNABLE TO ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR MAIL AND PACKAGES DELIVERED TO SUITES THAT ARE CLOSED BY GOVERNMENTAL ORDER, OR OTHERWISE.
As circumstances change, Gateway Center will endeavor to provide our tenants with updates.
Be safe.

Emergency Telephone Numbers:  
Fire 911
Police 911
Ambulance 911
Nearest Hospital
Life Safety:
(i.e. Medical Emergencies)
Call 911 and request an ambulance. (Do this first)
Make sure to give your building’s correct street address:
One Gateway Center-420 Ft. Duquesne Boulevard
Two Gateway Center-603 Stanwix Street
Three Gateway Center-401 Liberty Avenue
Four Gateway Center-444 Liberty Avenue
* Inform the dispatcher as to what type of emergency it is, the location of the patient (floor number and wing/suite), the patient’s approximate age and sex. Please make sure that you get the badge number of the operator that assists you.
* Notify Gateway Center’s management office at 412.392.6000 to report the incident. This will allow security to capture an elevator and to assist the paramedics.
*  Try to keep the patient still and calm, as much as possible, until the proper authorities arrive at the scene. Only provide first aid or CPR if you are certified.
Fire Safety:
*  If you see a fire, close the door to the office space (to confine the fire and delay its spread) while vacating the area. Important: Suite entrance doors should not be propped open.
* Call 911 for trained emergency help immediately. Do not wait for someone else to call.
Solicitation is prohibited in the complex. Notify the Gateway Center management office at 412.392.6000 with the location and description of the individuals who are soliciting.
Report any disturbances to the Gateway Center management office at 412.392.6000 and give as many details as possible.